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23.12.2006 The Big MEET in the forest. Mini photoreportage.

When we met two similar friends   on the walk in the forest, became: 9 labradors (8 yellow, 1 black), 1 golden retriever, 1 brabanson, 1 metis.




















03.12.2006 Dzerzhinsk. Region Show rank САС.

Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) won I-st place in Intermediate Class (САС, CW, BOB, BOS) and became Champion of Russia. Our congratulations to Natalia Bazhenova, she has the perfect  bitch!!! . Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) also became I-st in Intermedia Class (САС, CW, BOB, BOS, BIG-I).

 Pleasantly know, that yours dogs are best !!!


19.11.2006 Nizhny Novgorod. Mono breed show CCW.

Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) won Intermediate Class (CC, CW). Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) became 2-d (JCC) in Junior Class. The class included 10 bitches.  


19.11.2006 Nizhny Novgorod. Region Show rank САС.
Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) won Junior Class between 12 bitches (JCAC, CW, JBOB) and became
Junior Champion of Russia.


06.11.2006 Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) almost went to World Championship at Poland. And only "happy-go-lucky" stopped our adventurer to get the crown "Miss World Winner" !


28.10.2006 Voronezh-CACIB. Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) won Intermediate Class (CAC, CW). After that she got R.CACIB in wrestle between famous competitors.

Feny (Timantti Solid Arabeska) became 2-d in Champion Class (R.CAC).





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