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25.12.07 Christmas! Christmas! Wintertime!

                                               Give me greetings & take mine!

                                                      Little gifts & tasty food.

                                                   Everybody’s in good mood.

                                               Raise your voices loud & clear:

                                         Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


All people drom the world - Happy New Year 2008 and Merry Christmas!!!! Best holidays, happiness, luck and fortune, big money, wins on the shows, beauty puppies, good owners and... let's all your wishes comes true.


25.11.07 Saint Petersburg. Mono breed rank CW. Judge B.Petkevica (Latvia). Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star) became the best beaby of breed!!!!!! We congratulate Egorova Olga, Nastya and her owners with the Dezy's first success.


22.11.07 Remain the only black girl of labrador-retriever. The only. She wait the good owner.  All about her is here.


18.11.07 Nizhny Novgorod. Region Show САС. Pufik (Arcabaleno Irresistible Proof) open his show career where won class baby and became Best Male Dog, Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) won work class (CAC, CW) and Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) - champion class (CAC, CW) and became BOS. Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) got САС, BOS, BOB, BIG-I


09.10.07 Were born puppies of dachshund wire-haired from pair: Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta & Renessans Bogemia Nikita. Photos and Pedigree you can see on page "puppies" and here.


08.10.07 We made 2 pages for new photos of babies (Egorova Nastya, SPb) and Chiara (Chernova Anna, Sarov). You can see them here: #3 (puppies) and #4 (Chiara)  or in Gallery (page #3 and #4)


07.10.07 Added new photos from great walk youngers and grown up labradors. Click on pic and it has open in big size.


Children, Chiara and Gordon


Let's play!!!


Asya, she's really American Labrador!


Love is .... (Fifa)


Martysha is clown :)))


Poof and grandma!!!

07.10.07 Nizhny Novgorod. International show "Season in Nizhny Novgorod" 2007 rank CACIB. Second Day.  Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) won BOS and CACIB.  Our congratulations to Ekaterina, Ladya's owner.


07.10.07 Remain only 1 black dog and 1 black bitches. We made new photos of puppies in points. You can see it on page: 2 free black puppies of labrador. Renew page of Asya (Arcabaleno Italian Passion Midnight).


06.10.07 Hurra!!! Rozitta found own home and owners in Saint-Petersburg. Nastya and Olga, you are cool girls!!!Thank you!!! Rozitta's last photo here:


05.10.07 Remain 3 free black puppies of labrador (1 dog and 2 bitches (one bitch is situated in Saint Petersburg) tel. +79013739767, Olga). Puppies are waiting new owners. Especially the great thank to Egorova Olga and Nastya for help at puppies' sale.


22.09.07 Penza. Region Show rank САС, judge Permyakov(Perm'). Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) took CAC in champion class and after that became Best bitch of Breed.


22.09.07 Penza. Mono breed show rank CCW, judge Nikitin (Voronezh). Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) won CC also in champion class and got CCW & Best bitch of Breed.  


 27.08.07  Were added also new photos little babies of labrador in 45 day in points.  You can see new photos here.


17.08.07  Were added also new photos little babies of labrador in 30 day in points.  You can see new photos here.


 07.08.07  Were added new photos of Labrador Retriever puppies in 28 days from pair Bellwether The Butler Did it - Timantti Solid Arabeska. Especially great thanx to Chernova Anna. You can see them here.


29.07.07 Penza. Region Show rank САС. Sweet pair in faces Ladya and Mura made a try to capture Penza and Penza aria. Mura (Vjatskiy Dvor Demi Moor) took own last CAC in open class and became Champion of Russia.  Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) win САС, BOS, BOB, BIG-I, BIS-IV.  Beauty daschunds also took some prizes and gifts in show of pair.


22.07.07 Ivanovo. All-Russian show rank CAC. Our famous person Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl), TTT, win CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-I and BIS-II. WOW!!!


12.07.07  First litter in Russia are borned from American abroad dog Bellwether The Butler Did It (USA) and champion of National Club, Russia and Lithuania Timantti Solid Arabeska. 10 pretty boys and girls draw the first breath: 1 yellow dog, 3 black dogs, 6 black bitches. Mommy and babies feel yourself all right. If you will want to take them to own home ask about it Natalia. Contacts: home 8 (83130)36499, mob. +79103863757, e-mail:


14.05.07 8 pretty puppies were borned from Stenveyz Pacific Blue and Tutsi Dzhan (see pedigree puppies) It's 3 yellow bitches, 3 black bitches, 2 yellow dogs. Contacts : home 8 (83130)36499, mob. +79103863757   Natalia, e-mail:


13.05.07  Dzerzhinsk. Region Show rank САС. Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) won open class (CAC, CW) and Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) won champion class (CAC, CW). Best of dog and bitch became brother and sister from one litter, dogs from our kennel "Arcabaleno" - Arcabaleno Doroteus and Arcabaleno Denis, in addition to this event Arcabaleno Doroteus won BIG-I и BIS-I. HIP-HIP-HURRAH!!!


21.04.2007 Moscow. Mono breed show "Russian Retriever Club - Spring 2007" rank CW. Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) became  third in champion class (СС) and took a part in parade of champions. The judge Tuus Van Adrichem Boodaert Kwint (Holland) was a star!!! She explained why the dog took specific place.


14.04.2007 Moscow. Mono breed show Delta-Pal rank CW.  Landing operation in 2 Natalia and Ekaterina was again in Moscow city. Here in one place were three big mono shows - Daschund, Labrador Retriever, American Akita. And our dogs always glad us - their results are the same! Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) got CCW and became Res. Best of Dog, lost only dog, who won Eurasia - II. Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) also took CCW in intermediate class and became Res. Best of Bitch Yellow color (judge T.Sarmont (Belarus)). Syoma (Samurai) won CCW in open class and became Res. Best of Dog, lost only brother litter.


11.03.2007 Nizhny Novgorod. Mono breed show CCW.

After long break we showed Chiara again (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) :) Our results are first in open class (CC, CW) (judge A.Tits).


11.03.2007 Nizhny Novgorod. Region Show САС.

Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) won champion class (CAC, CW). Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) became second in open class between 8 bitches, lost only grown up chocolate bitch from Stenveyz Red October. Syoma (Samurai) took САС,  CW, BOD, BOB, BIG-II.  


25.02.2007 Moscow. International show Eurasia 2007 rank CACIB. Second Day. Other judges are another wins! Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) became third in intermediate class after Rolly Sweet Kiss at Yulia Novak and Snow Wellwind Juliet Binosh (judge Karl Reisinger (Austria)). Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) won open class and became Res. Best of Dog (judge ), after  inter champion. Ladya, you are the best (САС, CW, Res. CACIB=CACIB)!!!!


24.02.2007 Moscow. International show Eurasia 2007 rank CACIB. First Day. Natalia and Katya with Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) and Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) were landing operation in Crocus City!!! Where was biggest show in Russia. First day was very lucky for Martysha, she won intermediate class (CAC, CW) between 17 bitches (jurge).  Ladya became second in class (R.CAC) (judge Pedro Delarue (Portugal)) - his behavior was awful, cause he was very glad to took a part in the show. He jumped like a wild horse! And Katya read some lections to Ladya and the results were showed in second day.

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