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22.11.08  9 little puppies born from Arcabaleno Irresistible Proof in Penza.


08.11.08  Nizhniy Novgorod.  International dog show CACIB-FCI.

Stern (Stern v.d. Wezenhooghte) - CW,  JCAC,  JBOB, BOB and got a title Junior Champion of Russia!!!

Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) - CW, CAC, CACIB and BOS!


04.11.08   Saint-Petersburg.  Mono breed show. Judge H.Wiles-Fone (England).
Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star) - CW, йвй!
Dreama (Arabeska's American Dream) - CW, BOB puppy! We congratulate with good start!


 04.10.08 Hungaria. Dogs Europe Championship:

Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star)  - R.CW,  R.JCAC from 32 bitches and Vice-Junior Champion of Europe!!! Great congratulations to Nastya, Olga, Larisa and Natalia!!!! Special Thank to sir Didit and dam Fenya for daughter.  To Dezy - big sweet bone!!!


21.09.08 Penza. Mono breed show rank CCW. Judge Abrakimov Sh.

Asya (Arcabaleno Italian Passion Midnight) - JCCW, JBOB and Junior Champion of National Club!!! We congratulate Nataliya from all heart with first Asya's title !!


21.09.08 Nizhniy Novgorod.  Regional Dog show, judge Ierusalimskaya.

Stern (Stern v.d. Wezenhooghte) - CW,  JCAC,  JBOS, BOB and BIG-I.


03.08.08 Penza. Region Show rank яюя, judge Chistykova L.

Stern (Stern v.d. Wezenhooghte) - CW,  JCAC,  JBOS, BOB and BIG-I, JBIS-II, BIS-IV!!!

03.08.08 Penza. Region Show rank яюя, judge Kukoleva E.

Stern (Stern v.d. Wezenhooghte) - CW,  JCAC,  JBOS, BOB!!!

01.08.08 Lithuania, Vilnus. International dog show CACIB-FCI. Judge A.Cerne (Slovenia).
Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star)  - CW,  JCAC and Junior Champion of Lithuania!!!

29.06.08 Saint-Petersburg. International dog show CACIB-FCI.

Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star)  - CW,  JCAC,  JBOS!!!

Rich (Arcabaleno Inky Black) - CW,  JCAC,  JBOB!

28.06.08 Saint-Petersburg. International dog show CACIB-FCI. Judge G. De Cuyper (Belgium)
Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star)  - CW,  JCAC,  JBOB!!! and Junior Champion of Russia

Rich (Arcabaleno Inky Black) - CW,  JCAC,  JBOS!


Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) - CW, CAC, R.CACIB!!!


22.06.08 Saint-Petersburg. Regional Dog show. Judge Senashenko E.

Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star)  - CW,  JCAC,  JBOB,  BOB!!!
22.06.08 Saint-Petersburg.  Allrussian Dog show. Judge Gonchuruk O. (Ukraine).
Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star)  - CW,  JCAC,  JBOS!!!
22.06.08 Ul'yanovsk. Regional Dog show. Judge Nekrashevich E.
Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) - CAC and CHAMPION OF RUSSIA!!!
22.06.08 Ul'yanovsk. Allrussian Dog show. Judge Belkin A.

Asya (Arcabaleno Italian Passion Midnight) - JCAC, JBOB

Puf (Arcabaleno Irresistible Proof)- JCAC, JBOS;
Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) - CAC.
21.06.08 Our "Violet" boy Arabeska's Aim High has gone into SARATOV.
15.06.08 Latvia. International dog show CACIB-FCI. Judge Paunovic D. (Serbia).
Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star) - JCAC, BEST BITCH-3 and Junior Champion of Latvia!!!

25.05.08 Moscow. The biggest mono breed of Dachshunds and Labrador show rank CW.

Lady (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) - II exc in Champion Class.

Asya (Arcabaleno Italian Passion Midnight) - IV exc in Junior class (JCC)

 It was first dogs show for Stern (Stern v.d. Wezenhooghte) , his results are:

BEST-PUPPY of breed,

BIS-IV from 20 puppies (puppies from Festival Mono breed),

BIS-III from 9 puppies (all kind puppies of dachshunds)







23.05.08 Today is 30 days of our puppies!!! Click here.






18.05.08 New photos of first litter in Russia at top-producer of America ( Dickendall Davaron Gable (USA) & Arcabaleno Curious Girl)!!! They is situated here.
18.05.08 Nizhniy Novgorod.  Mono breed show rank CCW. Judge I. Begma (Moscow). 
Puf (Arcabaleno Irresistible Proof) - JCCW, JBOS
11.05.08 Dzerzhinsk.  Region Show яюя. Judge E. Senashenko (Moscow).
Puf (Arcabaleno Irresistible Proof)- JCAC, JBOS;
Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) - CAC.
11.05.08 Dzerzhinsk.  Mono breed show rank CCW. Judge F. Chaikovskaya (Moscow). 
Puf (Arcabaleno Irresistible Proof) - JCCW, JBOS
Asya (Arcabaleno Italian Passion Midnight) - JCCW, JBOB.


23.04.07 Puppies were born from pair: Dickendall Davaron Gable (USA) & Arcabaleno Curious Girl. You can see information in detail on page "Puppies".

 20.04.07 Krasnodar. International Dog Show rank CACIB. Judge N.Sipyagin. Candy (Arcabaleno Candy Citron) in open class won CAC, CW, BOS and CACIB and got a title Champion of RKF!! We congratulate Lyuba and Sergey Sveransky with victory!!!


                                                   Candy (Arcabaleno Candy Citron)
19.04.07 Saint-Petersburg.  Region Show rank яюя. judge  V. Shiyan.  Daisy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star)  - CW,  JunCAC,  JunBOB,  BOB!!!

06.04.07 Penza. Region Show rank яюя, judge Sokolova. Chiara (Arcabaleno Cranberry Cloud) won work class - CAC, CW, Best Bitch of breed.


02.03.07 Penza. Allrussian Show rank яюя, judge E.Bauzhes.  Nusha (Sarovskiy Suvenir Petti Prinosyaschaya Udachu) won BEST BEBY of breed and became fourth in BEST IN SHOW - BABY.


29.03.08 Saint-Petersburg. Mono breed rank CW. Judge R.L.Lehtonen (Finland). Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star) won CW, BEST PUPPY-BITCH of black colour. Rich (Arcabaleno Inky Black) won CW, BEST PUPPY of labrador-retriever.



                                                                       Rich (Arcabaleno Inky Black)
09.03.08 We are very glad to introduce to you our youngers:
Stern v.d. Wezenhooghte (Vigo uit het Heksenspoor X Godelieve v.den Wezenhooghte ), date of birth 02.11.2007 (import Holland).



                                                   Shtern (Stern v.d. Wezenhooghte)
We would like to say great "thanks" to people, who took part in that big deal. First of all, we want to say "Thank you" to Stern's breeder  - Willy and Dolly Blanken (kennel "V. D. Wezenhooghte") for reposal of trust, for help in choice of Stern, for excellent growing and socialization of Stern.  In second turn, we thank 2 our friends, who helped us to take Stern to Russia: this is  Valeria Bobikova (kennel "Kantri Park's" ), who gave your agreement to fly to Amsterdam for puppy, Anna Vorob'yova(kennel "Iz Novo-Peredelkino", who helped us how she could :))), and also we want to thank all people, who wait little Stern in Russia :))
 Real Tuning (V.D. Dzhon Travolta x V.D. Charis Pietra), date of birth  02.10.2007                     



Tulen' (Real Tuning) 

breeder's photo
breeder's photo
breeder's photo


Dolly and Willy, breeder of


Stern, first time on streets of Nizhniy Novgorod


Katusha and youngster (Stern Х Tulen')


01.03.08 Saint-Petersburg.  Nastya Egorova made several photographs of Martysha(Arcabaleno Curious Girl). Big thanks for her








24.02.08  Moscow. International show Eurasia 2007 rank CACIB. Second Day.  Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star) again became  BEST PUPPY of labrador retriever!!!!!!  Girls, you are the best!!!

(photo by O.Ignatova)


23.02.08  Moscow. International show Eurasia 2007 rank CACIB. First Day.   Dezy (Arcabaleno Inflame Star) became BEST PUPPY of labrador retriever!!!!!  We congratulate Egorova Olga, Nastya and her owners with the perfect success.


16.02.08  Belorusia. International Show rank CACIB. Father of our labrador puppies Bellwether The Butler Did It  became  Champion of Belorusia!!!


08.02.08 Saint-Petersburg.  Our little baby Arcabaleno Italica Fiesta came to Saint Petersburg.  



6 months


26.01.08  Moscow. Mono breed shows rank CW on stadium by L.P.Sabonnev.  

Ladya (Vjatskiy Dvor Dzhon Travolta) - CW, CCW, res. BOB, judge I.Rodina (Moscow);

Asya (Arcabaleno Italian Passion Midnight) - best puppy-bitch, judge V.P. Ivanischeva (S-Petersburg);

Martysha (Arcabaleno Curious Girl) - CW, CCW, judge Makevik Mirjana (Serbia).

Martysha got a title of Club Winner and title of Grand Champion of Russia.  


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